Decorative Concrete

AMES CONCRETE CONTRACTORS specialize in decorative concrete. We can employ a myriad of colors, accents, and patterns to individualize your next concrete project. Such techniques can mimic the appearance of stone, brick, marble, and other eye-catching surfaces. Decorative concrete makes an impressive statement!

We offer the following decorative services:


Freshly poured concrete can be stamped or embossed before curing begins in order to give texture to the surface. Surfaces may be stamped with planned symmetrical patterns or embossed at random for a more natural look.


Concrete color possibilities range from simple to dramatic. We offer single-color chromic admixtures, as well as impressive multi-dimensional lithochrome hardeners. The use of color adds brightness and interest to concrete surfaces such as walkways, porches, and pool-side terraces.


Polishing concrete adds luster while reducing maintenance and upkeep to nearly zero. Polishing is popular in commercial structures and garage floors.


Though thin overlays of concrete do not last as long as new fully formed slabs, they are a cost effective way to spruce up unsightly concrete surfaces. Overlays can also be used to fix minimally damaged concrete surfaces.

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