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Driveways, approaches, city sidewalks, porches, steps, patios, walls, footings, roads, parking lots, streets, foundations, swimming pool decking, garage floors, shed floors, retaining walls, concrete countertops and more!

Beautiful, Functional Craftsmanship

Ames Concrete Contractors (ACC) was established in Ames, Iowa in 1967 by local resident Kim Sharp, who continues to own and operate the business today. With over 50 years of experience in concrete construction, Kim trains his crew to take pride in their craft. The trademark of an ACC project is functional design with a refined look.

Solid Construction Built to Last

Concrete projects require time and money, so we think they should be executed to last. We employ a myriad of materials and techniques to make your concrete endure: steel rebar to provide strength, post holes to give support, angle iron to prevent settling, high-strength concrete for durability, and salt guard to mitigate spalling (surface pitting).

Quality at an Affordable Price

We are known in Ames for our quality work, and we are also know for our affordable pricing. That is why so many Ames residents choose Ames Concrete Contractors for their concrete projects.

Linda and Travis G.

Thank you to you and your crew for the outstanding work on our driveway. My husband & I were very impressed with your quality work & attention to detail–including the detailed bill & handy concrete care tip sheet.

Mary J.

I’m very happy with how my driveway is draining properly. Thanks for keeping the cost at what you estimated.

Rita L.

“I wish all companies were as responsible as yours.”

I was very pleased with every aspect in dealing with you and your men who did the concrete work. I wish all companies were as responsible as yours. I will recommend your company to my friends.

Kathy S.

Please express my congratulations and appreciation to your crew. They each exhibited a high level of professional skills and a high level of work ethic in constructing my driveway and sidewalk. They patiently answered my questions and explained the options to assure that I would be pleased and happy with the final project. I am very pleased with the results.